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Staying informed during outages

Boone REMC uses a powerful tool to aid in power restoration and keep you informed during an outage. Boone REMC’s outage map shows where the outage is occurring and the number of members without power.

Behind the map is a sophisticated system that provides the data needed to populate the graphic. The goal of this technology is to improve control, reduce outage length, increase reliability, and provide better information to employees, co-op members, and the public.

Maintaining an accurate outage map starts with the devices on the co-op’s lines that can report their status to the cooperative. This data flows back over the power lines to a computer at the co-op. There it is analyzed, and the results are presented to the engineering and operations folks for action.

Here’s an example: Something causes a fault in the lines that blows a fuse or trips a circuit breaker. The cause could be a gust of wind dropping a branch on a line, a car hitting a pole, or a number of other situations. The piece of equipment nearest the fault signals that it cannot see anything down the line or that it has tripped. A program runs to determine the extent of the outage. It looks at other devices to determine where the flow of power stops. Once it has completed its detective work, a map is generated showing the extent of the outage.

Technology not only allows Boone REMC to view an outage map, but it also provides members with convenient options for reporting an outage and getting updates on large power outages without having to wait in a telephone queue to speak to a customer service representative.

With our free SmartHub app, Boone REMC members can report an outage and view the outage map on their mobile devices. Another convenient option for reporting an outage is through texting. Learn more about the options for reporting outages at

Boone REMC strives to keep members informed during large power outages by posting information on Facebook and Twitter. We provide outage information as part of our ongoing efforts to provide the highest quality of service at the lowest possible cost. This is just another benefit of being a co-op member.