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2019 Commercial & Industrial Rebates

The POWER MOVES C&I rebate program helps make upgrades, renovations, and new construction projects at your business more affordable by offering rebates on energy-efficient equipment. Provided by your local electric cooperative and Wabash Valley Power Association, our wholesale power provider, the program makes energy-efficiency projects more affordable, so you can save more energy (and money) in the long run!

For a detailed explanation of the POWER MOVES C&I program, including FAQs and Terms & Conditions, check out this handy booklet. Below is a list of the steps necessary for getting a rebate check!



1. Verify Eligibility – The building must be located on co-op lines. Program eligibility requirements are subject to change or termination with or without notice at the sole discretion of Wabash Valley Power Association, so please call Boone REMC at 800-897-7362 to verify participation or see the list at www.PowerMoves.com.

2. Determine Which Program(s) You Should Apply Within – The best way to do this is to contact Jeff Dickerson at Boone REMC at 800-897-7362 as soon as you are thinking about the project. While prescriptive projects do not require pre-approval, custom and new construction projects do. And by calling us before you put your plans in place, we can help you get the highest rebate available for your project.

3. Depends On Which Program….

PRESCRIPTIVE PROGRAM – If your project is a one-for-one replacement with a measure(s) listed on the prescriptive worksheet, please apply for the rebate through the PRESCRIPTIVE PROGRAM. This means you should select and install qualifying equipment, as listed in the Prescriptive Lighting Incentive Worksheet or the Prescriptive Non Lighting Incentive Worksheet. Also be sure to fill out and submit the Basic Application.

Next, you simply submit your application as detailed on the form. The last step is a final inspection of the installed equipment.

CUSTOM PROGRAM – If your project does not match one of the prescriptive measures listed on the worksheet, and you are certain it will save energy, you may qualify for rebates through the CUSTOM PROGRAM. This means you should first submit a Custom Incentive Worksheet and the Basic Application for pre-approval and before you purchase new equipment. After submitting, you will be contacted by an energy engineer to discuss and review your project in greater detail. Next, based on the discussion with the energy engineer, you will receive a letter outlining the incentive total we’ve reserved for you. This should be signed and returned within 7 days. If anything about your project changes, it is very important that you keep us in the loop so we can make sure you’re still eligible. Within 60 days of completion, you should submit a final signature page, all invoices or proofs of purchase, and the specifications for your new equipment. The last step is meeting with an energy engineer for the final inspection.

NEW CONSTRUCTION PROGRAM – If your project involves new construction, an addition to an existing facility, a change in use of a facility, or the total gut rehab of an existing facility, you may qualify for rebates through the BUSINESS NEW CONSTRUCTION (BNC) PROGRAM. The first step is to call Jeff Dickerson at Boone REMC at 800-897-7362 as soon as you start thinking about a project. He’ll help you set up a meeting with a POWER MOVES energy engineer to determine the most incentives. After this meeting, we’ll need a BNC Project Information Form which outlines your plans. Keep in touch with any changes along the way. Then, simply complete your project and let us know when it’s complete so we can schedule an inspection. We prepare the final paperwork and ask you to sign it.

4. We Mail You A Check – And you cash it!