Taking Care of Our Environment

As a member-owned cooperative, Boone REMC has a responsibility to care for our territory and to do our part as good stewards of our environment. We do this in several ways: First, we utilize a diverse fuel mix that includes renewable energy as part of a strong portfolio. We also offer energy efficiency assessments, tips, and rebates through the POWER MOVES® program, which helps our members save energy. (And—bonus!—it can save them money, too.)

We’re also excited about our new Co-op Solar program: It’s the easiest, most affordable way for our members to invest in solar energy right now. It also gives our members the power to use more clean energy. Get more info about Co-op Solar here.

Energy needs for customers voluntarily participating in the EnviroWatts green power program will be supplied from environmentally preferred sources such as biomass, solar, wind, water, and geothermal springs. Currently, those sources have a higher cost than most other sources of power. The Green Power Rate Rider reflects an increased cost of one-and-one-half cents ($.015) per kilowatt-hour. It is our hope that as more customers across the nation choose green power, additional investments will be made in an environmentally friendly generation.

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