Annual Meeting/Financials

The 2022 Boone REMC Annual Meeting was a success. A total of 1,007 members registered this year- 688 members chose to mail in their registration while 319 registered members came to the meeting in their vehicles. All members that registered prior to the April 9, 2022 meeting, will receive a $20 bill credit on their May bill. Those in attendance also received a $10 voucher to Titus Bakery.  

Scholarships were given to 15 students. They include:

Ellie Garst – Thorntown

Kendall Phillip – Zionsville

Amy Birge – Zionsville

Andrew Hendricks – Lebanon

Madelyn Hawkins – Lebanon

Ainsley Stump – Zionsville

Aidan Pletch – Zionsville

Lauren Nielson – Zionsville

Margaret McCullough – Zionsville

Isabelle Strecker – Zionsville

Lauren Hartman – Zionsville

Alan Mingus – Zionsville

Thomas Ward – Thorntown

Caroline Etter – Zionsville

Elizabeth Jolly – Sheridan

The following financial information was presented at the business meeting, which was streamed live on Facebook Live and is available on our YouTube channel.