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Ten Ways to Save When Temps Soar

With high temperatures forecasted this week, the following tips can help you conserve energy and save money on your electric bill.   Set your thermostat at the highest comfortable temperature – 76 degrees or higher – and keep it there. Each degree a thermostat is raised can save up to four percent of the cost […]

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Cool tips for a hot summer

• Close drapes or blinds during the day to keep heat producing sunlight out. • Use fans in occupied rooms to reduce air-conditioning costs. • Check, change or clean your air conditioner’s filter once a month. Dirty filters reduce efficiency by reducing airflow. Establish a habit of checking your filter on a regular basis. There […]

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Air Filter Maintenance

Proper filter maintenance can help you get the most from your energy dollar. Clogged filters reduce the airflow in your ducts and your heating and cooling system has to run longer to keep you comfortable. Check, clean or replace your furnace filter at least once a month during the peak heating and cooling seasons. As […]

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Contact Boone REMC for your Energy Evaluation

If you are looking for ways to conserve energy, a good first step is an energy evaluation from Boone REMC. Energy evaluations can help you analyze your energy use and improve your home. Boone REMC offers two types of energy evaluations. We offer a free evaluation and a $100 inspection, called an Efficiency Inspection, that features infrared photography. […]

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