A power outage can occur for several reasons: storms, falling trees, and other natural or accidental causes. At Boone REMC, our goal is to address these outages as quickly as possible, and let members know what to expect.

Outages can be frustrating, and even scary at times, but you can rest assured that we’ll be working hard to restore your power. If you have any concerns, please contact us.

Outage Map

If you’d like to know more about outages in your area, you can view our live map. 

Report An Outage

If you’re currently experiencing an outage, you can report it directly to Boone REMC.

Outage F.A.Q's

If you’d like to learn more about power outages, we’d encourage you to visit our FAQ to find answers.

Members can now text OUT to 768482 and can view responses to their text via SMS/texts, on the Mobile application, and on the Web application. If you have an active account and have registered with SmartHub using a phone number, this function will be enabled.