Report An Outage

If you’ve lost power, reporting the outage to Boone REMC will help us get your service restored more quickly. For your convenience, we offer multiple ways to make a report. Learn more below.

PLEASE NOTE: You MUST CORRECTLY enter the phone number you have listed on your Boone REMC account in order for the outage report to be successfully submitted. Otherwise, your outage will NOT be reported. Please check the number before submitting. If you are unsure of the phone number on your account, please report by phone at 800-897-7362.

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Report An Outage

Report By Phone

As always, you can report your outage to Boone REMC by calling us at 800-897-7362. You may experience a slight wait, however, if call volume is high. In that case, you may find reporting by text or through the SmartHub app to be easier.

if you know the cause of an outage, or see evidence of a dangerous electrical situation, we do ask that you call our office to let us know as quickly as possible. This not only helps us restore power, but it also keeps everyone safer.

Report By SmartHub or Text

Log on to your SmartHub account to report an outage.

Members can now text OUT to 768482 and can view responses to their text via SMS/texts, on the Mobile application, and on the Web application. If you have an active account and have registered with SmartHub using a phone number, this function will be enabled.