Residential Services

In addition to providing reliable electricity, Boone REMC offers our members a range of services to make their lives a little bit easier, and keep their homes a whole lot safer. For instance, we offer services like outdoor lighting, surge protection, tree trimming, and our Call Before You Dig program that helps members avoid digging into power lines.

Safety Demonstrations

We’re also committed to safety. That’s why we offer electrical safety programs to school groups, youth groups, first responders, and other organizations interested in learning more. It’s a great chance to learn more about electricity, gain important safety tips, and even watch a hotline demonstration. If you’d like more information or want to schedule this program, please contact Becca McMasters at 800-897-7362.

Services to Save You Money

Some of our services can even help your pocketbook. Members can receive discounts on water heaters, for instance. It’s all part of the cooperative spirit that unites Boone REMC and our membership.

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Learn about solar net metering.

Large and small water heaters are available at a discounted price of $240. Please call the office to schedule a pick-up.

Get LED Outdoor Lighting

Boone REMC offers dusk-to-dawn LED outdoor lights. LED lighting lasts longer and uses less energy than incandescent lights, and it works well in extremes of both hot and cold weather. Because LED bulbs are designed to focus light, they can be directed to a specific location without relying on an external reflector, achieving a higher application efficiency than conventional lighting.

For outdoor lighting on an existing pole, the monthly rental charge is $12.78. If a new pole needs to be installed, the monthly charge is $17.10. There’s no charge for installation, maintenance, or replacement parts for the light. Please note that monthly rental prices may vary by location.

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Start / Stop Service

To join our co-op, you’ll need to complete a new service application.

Budget Billing

With Boone REMC’s budget billing program, members are better able to plan their monthly energy payments. This program is available to members who receive service under the General Service Single Phase rate (a category that includes all residential services).

Under the budget billing program, your monthly statement will display the budget amount due, as well as the previous balance forward showing any debits or credits.