Careers Find A Career At Boone REMC Boone REMC offers great careers in the energy industry for candidates who are motivated and hardworking, and who

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History The History of Boone REMC On April 10, 1936, Boone REMC became the first electric cooperative established in Indiana, incorporated as the Boone County

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Energy Saving

In Home Inspection

In Home Inspection Evaluate Your Home’s Energy Efficiency Does your HVAC have trouble keeping up in the summer? Do your light fixtures still use incandescent

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Efficiency Inspection

Efficiency Inspection An In Depth Analysis of Your Energy Efficiency If you think your home or business could benefit from a more in-depth energy efficiency

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Energy Saving Tips

Energy Saving Tips Business Farm Business New Construction Power Moves Home Tips & Tricks To Help You Save Energy The cheapest energy is the energy

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Rebates Energy Efficiency Rebates It sounds almost too good to be true, but you really can get rebates for making energy efficiency improvements in your

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Load Control Switches

Load Control Switches Load Control Switches Give You the Power to Save As your local electric cooperative, Boone REMC is dedicated to finding ways to

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Smart Meters

Smart Meters Understanding Your Smart Meter Boone REMC uses smart meters to efficiently provide information about your energy use. Because we can read smart

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Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Personal Solar Panels Are you thinking about installing solar? We try to make the interconnection very simple for our members. The most important

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Operation Round Up Grants

Operation Round Up Grants Since 1936, Boone REMC has been committed to improving our members’ quality of life. This tradition continues with our community service

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Service Area


Environment Taking Care of Our Environment As a member-owned cooperative, Boone REMC has a responsibility to care for our territory and to do our part as

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Reliability Reliable Energy from Boone REMC Our members count on us for reliable electricity. It’s that simple. It’s also a big responsibility and one that

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Rates View Our Rates Other rates include: Small Power Multi-Phase Large Power Solar Power Rider Learn more about, or sign up for our Co-op Solar program

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Bylaws The Board Districts and Directors of Boone REMC As a member-owned cooperative, Boone REMC operates under a set of agreed-upon bylaws that determine how

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WVPA Wabash Valley Power Alliance and Boone REMC You probably know that Boone REMC is a member-owned electric cooperative. But did you know we’re also

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Construction An 11-mile stretch of transmission line will be going up in the area connecting Enterprise South Substation and Anson North Substation. The new line

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