Smart Meters

Understanding Your Smart Meter

Boone REMC uses smart meters to efficiently provide information about your energy use. Because we can read smart meters remotely, we don’t have to rely on estimated usage when preparing your monthly billing statement. Your statement accurately reflects your monthly use.

We use various methods to communicate with the meter remotely. The information we collect can help you manage your usage throughout the month and make smart decisions about controlling your costs. You can use SmartHub to find this data.

Your information is always kept private and secure, and we’ll never share it with third parties. We do ask that you keep your meter accessible. Although we read it remotely, we do still need to perform maintenance now and again.

AMR stands for Automatic Meter Reading. It is a method of using advanced communications technology to read meters remotely. However, the dials will still be visible so you can read your own meter and confirm that our reading is accurate.

RF standards for Radio Frequency, which is the rate of alternating current. The rate can vary between very low kHz to very high GHz.

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No. The technology being used has been around for more than 17 years, and more than 20 million ERTs have been installed throughout the U.S. and Canada. This technology has never been delayed, put on hold, or stopped for reasons of safety. While, at very high levels, RF signals and electromagnetic fields can be dangerous, ERT transmissions are so low—lower than standard radio and communication devices—they are well below established safety limits as of June 2019.

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Yes, numerous studies have been done on all aspects of radio signals and their relationship to human health. These studies have shaped the regulations and standards that cover today’s technology. To protect the safety and well-being of our consumer members and employees, we ensure that the systems Boone REMC purchases and installs are well within all the relevant laws, codes, and regulatory guidelines.

A typical commercial radio transmitter located seven miles away puts more RF radiation in your home than an ERT located on the premises. According to the Federal Communications Commission, a cell phone emits 800 times more RF energy than an ERT. Because the cell phone is used close to your head, the exposure level is more than 3,500 times greater. Moreover, cell phone transmission is continuous during its operation, whereas the ERT transmits no more than 10 percent of the time.

We are updating the meters because the others are at the end of their life cycle. The new meters allow us to continue to offer customer service aspects, like SmartHub, which can help our members monitor their daily usage and troubleshoot savings.

To opt-out of the smart meter technology, you must request to do so first by filling out the Opt-Out Form. A separate rate charge of $45/month will be added to your bill (See rate appendix). This is the cost associated with sending a meter technician out monthly to read the meter.