We offer the following rates:

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Boone REMC offers several rates to our members, depending on their usage and needs. 

For residential customers, a General Service Single Phase rate is common. Here’s how that breaks down* for a household using 1,600 kWh per month:

*updated February 2023

Customer Charge


Monthly charge associated with the recovery of the cost of installing and maintaining the equipment needed to provide service to each member’s location

 Wholesale Energy  Charge

1,600 kWh @ 0.083964


Charges directly from Wabash Valley Power Alliance, Boone REMC’s power provider; includes the costs associated with the generation and transmission of electricity over high voltage power lines

Energy Delivery Charge

1,600 kWh @ .03755


Cost of delivering electricity to each member’s location

Indiana Sales Tax (7%)


Total Bill