Wabash Valley Power Alliance and Boone REMC

You probably know that Boone REMC is a member-owned electric cooperative. But did you know we’re also part of a cooperative ourselves? We are one of the 23 member co-ops that make up Wabash Valley Power Alliance,

a not-for-profit generation and transmission electric cooperative with members across Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri. But what does that mean for you?


Just like Boone REMC, Wabash Valley Power Alliance is a not-for-profit. That means they aren’t making money for shareholders—instead, they’re helping us put the needs of our members first. They also help us manage risk by investing in many different kinds of energy. It’s like having a healthy retirement portfolio—putting your investments in different markets means you’re less vulnerable when big changes happen. Managing risk helps us keep the cost of electricity even lower.

Generation and Transmission

Wabash Valley Power Alliance both generates energy and transmits electricity to Boone REMC’s territory. That means they play a big role in supplying power and in making sure that power is reliable. With their help, we’re better able to minimize outages, keep downtime to a minimum, and maintain transmission lines and equipment.

Electric Cooperative

Just like Boone REMC, Wabash Valley Power Alliance embodies the core cooperative principles. And, like us, they’re also owned by members. That means you get a say in what happens through your elected co-op representative. Want to learn more?