Surge Protection

Protect Yourself Against Power Surges

Transient power surges can do serious damage to your hard-wired appliances. That’s why Boone REMC sells meter socket adapter surge protection devices for services up to 400 amps. These units are priced at $140.85. We also offer information on services larger than 400 amps. There’s no installation fee, and we will provide an invoice for your equipment. Sub-feed panels require a suppressor. Learn more below, or contact us today.

Proper Grounding Required

Before any equipment is installed, our technicians must check your household grounding to establish that the grounding system registers no more than 25 ohms—the maximum ohms reading for a ground rod, according to the National Electric Code. Proper grounding is necessary for the equipment to work properly; if the system doesn’t register 25 ohms or less, it’s up to the member to correct the problem.

Warranty Coverage

A warranty is in effect for a failure of surge protection equipment that transfers transient voltage to hard-wired equipment. This warranty doesn’t cover loose neutrals or other wiring problems. Equipment failure is indicated by the loss of a light display on the unit, at which time a claim can be filed. Please note that warranties are provided by the manufacturer, not Boone REMC.