Co-op Solar

Get your piece of the sun

Co-op Solar is a program from your local electric cooperative that makes it easy for members to use solar energy without the cost or hassle of rooftop solar. When you participate in Co-op Solar, you purchase a block of solar power. There’s no equipment to purchase or maintain, and nothing to install. Since we own the solar arrays, we’re responsible for taking care of them. Energy purchased through the Co-op Solar program costs $0.44 per block per month in addition to the cooperative’s standard rates and charges. Each block is estimated to produce an average of 43 kilowatt-hours per month. A participating member may select up to 100 percent of their expected electric usage, not to exceed 83 blocks per member. The additional charge for participating in the Co-op Solar program will appear as a line item on your regular monthly billing statement. This additional charge will be added to regular rates and charges and applicable taxes will apply, as outlined in the Solar Power Rider. Participating member acknowledges and agrees that all renewable attributes and renewable energy credits (RECs) associated with the Co-op Solar program cannot be claimed by the member. Enrollment in Co-op Solar may take up to two months, due to the timing of billing cycles. Member may terminate his/her participation at any time. Termination also may take up to two months. For questions, please call our billing department at 800-897-7362.

See how it works for yourself, or read up on some of our most frequently asked questions. You can even take a live look at how much solar energy Co-op Solar is producing right this moment, and see how much you can start using when you sign up.

If you are interested in participating, complete the form below or download our Co-op Solar enrollment form. Participants must indicate they have read and agree to the Solar Power Rider and the terms and conditions.