Energy Efficiency Rebates

It sounds almost too good to be true, but you really can get rebates for making energy efficiency improvements in your home. Boone REMC residential and commercial members qualify for several rebates through the POWER MOVES® program, and we encourage you to apply.

Learn more about available rebates below, or contact us if you have any questions.

2017 Residential Lighting Rebates

NOTE: This program is ending on Dec. 31, 2017! Boone REMC members may receive a rebate of up to $3 per bulb on as many as 30 LED screw-in light bulbs. The bulbs must be ENERGY STAR®-rated bulbs to qualify, so be sure to look for the blue ENERGY STAR logo or verify that you have the correct bulbs on the ENERGY STAR website.

To apply for this rebate, complete the form online or download a copy. Bulbs must be purchased by December 31, 2017, and the application must be submitted by February 28, 2018.

2017 Residential Resistance Rebates

Rebates are also available for upgrading resistance electric heating systems (such as electric furnaces, baseboard heaters, and ceiling cable heat) by replacing those systems with heat pumps and heat pump water heaters. Members have until Feb. 28, 2018 to turn in rebate forms for systems installed in 2017. Download the forms below:

2018 Residential Resistance Rebates

If you’re looking to make any energy-efficient upgrades in 2018, check out our rebates below:

2017 Commercial and Industrial Rebates

Businesses, schools, and agriculture operations also qualify for rebates through the POWER MOVES program. To learn more about the rebates available to these members, contact Jeff Dickerson at Boone REMC by calling 800-897-7362, or by emailing him with your questions. The deadline for completing paperwork for work done in 2017 is Feb. 28, 2018. You can also download the forms below:

2018 Commercial and Industrial Rebates

Visit our C&I Rebate page for all the details on the 2018 program!