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Service Area

Boone REMC serves over 12,000 customers in Boone, Clinton, Hamilton, Hendricks, and Montgomery counties.

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Tree Trimming

Trimming trees near power lines helps us provide safe and reliable service.

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Boone REMC’s residential rates are below the national average. We also offer some of the most competitive commercial and industrial rates in Indiana.

General Service-Single Phase

This rate is primarily for residential customers. See below for a sample billing for 1600 kwh.

Small Power-Multi-Phase

Large Power

EnviroWatts-Green Power Rate Rider

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Net Metering


For additional information about commercial/industrial rates, contact Boone REMC at 800-897-7362.


Example Billing for 1,600 kWh
General Service Rate


Customer Charge $33.60
WVPA Generation/ Transmission Charges
(Wholesale Energy)  1,600 kWh @.082209 $131.53
Boone REMC Distribution Charges

(Energy Delivery Charge)  1,600 kWh @.022630 $36.21
Indiana Sales Tax (7%) $14.09
Total Bill $215.43