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Outdoor Lighting

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Outdoor Lighting

Boone REMC rents dawn-to-dusk, high-pressure sodium outdoor lights.

Water Heater Sales and Service

Boone REMC sells discounted water heaters for installation in our service area.

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Surge Protection

Boone REMC sells service entrance surge protection equipment.

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Boone REMC offers dusk-to-dawn LED outdoor lights. LED lighting offers many benefits; they typically last longer than incandescent lighting, are more energy efficient, and are operational in extremely cold and extremely hot temperatures. LED bulbs are designed to focus light and can be directed to a specific location without the use of an external reflector, achieving a higher application efficiency than conventional lighting.


If the outdoor light is placed on an existing pole, the monthly rental charge is $12.78. If a new pole is installed for your light, the monthly charge is $17.10.


There is no charge for installation. There is also no charge for maintenance or replacement parts for the light.


Monthly rental prices may vary with different electrical service configurations. Please contact the office to verify pricing for your location. The monthly charges will be listed on your electric bill.


If you have any questions about outdoor lighting, contact our office at 800-897-7362, or send your email inquiries via our contact page.